Subject : Stray-dogs
Question : Stray dogs—do they deserve to be killed?
Posted by : Nayonika
Posted on : 2001-01-06
Reply : i believe stray dogs have equal right of living like anyother living being. infact i feel that we the community in cooperation with the government should take up the job of their rehabiliation. a project should be initiated with the govt. to help these dogs. killing them is unjust, inhumane and in no manner can be justified.
From : shivani
On : 2004-06-16
Reply : I completely agree with would be inhuman for us to kill the poor creatures. Sterilization is sort of an empty promise. Its rather impossible to sterilize 100,000 strays. Maybe adoption can be considered for some of the more decent ones without diseases etc. As for the rest of them they can be taken care of in a shelter i.e. a charity or something.
From : Tia420
On : 2002-10-29
Reply : I think the government should do something constructive towards sterilization programme because it is really a threat to go out late at night or early mornings for a walk because of these stray dogs.Killing is definately not the solution but something out to be done.
From : Kalpi
On : 2001-01-30
Reply : No definitely not. Who are we to kill them? Who gives us this right? Instead of killing them we should try to provide them shelter and a better environment. We must help the Government in the sterilisation programme and thus live in harmony with these poor animals. We must realise that they need us.
From : Deepak Jethwa Tripura
On : 2001-01-06
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