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Subject : Angry with your boyfriend
Question : If you are angry with your boyfriend what do you do?
Posted by : Mohan
Posted on : 2001-01-06
Reply : if he did mistake then u ll b cool and try 2 find d real thing.if u really love him then try 2grow.make him realise d value of this precious relationship...then see d magic..
From : rozy
On : 2004-12-09
Reply : i stop talking to him few days and then call him talk about what makes me angry
From : ntshiuoa
On : 2004-10-14
Reply : You should be the bigger person And say sorry even if you were not wrong.Some one has to be a adult.Be forgiving.You should try and get the fight over as quick as possible The world is to short to be mad over somthing so stupid.Now on the other hand if its something thats messing with your heart Like he was cheating on you Then do what you heart says If you chose to forgive him Thats not stupid Its LOVE. You wont be the only one! Do what you think is best for you and your boyfriend
From : Natasha
On : 2004-09-23
Reply : well if he do soemthin that i don't like i stop talkin to him and if he really loves me he would apologise and if he doesn't it means he never loved u as u thought he did. that happend to me once and it will never happend anymore
From : betty
On : 2004-07-07
Reply : if u love him den why b angry?
From : nahima begum
On : 2003-10-22
Reply : I will ignore him for a while if he loves me he will back to me, not in all cirumstance, according to pastor bibmo odukoya girls and women should be submissive
From : cossy
On : 2003-08-29
Reply : i would talk too him and try tio tell him what is going on in my mind
From : aboushka
On : 2003-04-19
Reply : Well, it depends what our fight was over, I mean sometimes they are serious other times not so serious. I always try to resolve things by talking but if it doens't work then we just spend some time apart to cool down until we can resolve things calmly.
From : tigress69
On : 2002-11-15
Reply : i stopp talking to him and think of leaving him, but strangely i forget about it after one night of sleep. i am not like this to anyone else but him. i cant stay mad at him for too long, and then when we talk about it, we both end up crying, and hugging and kissing, and cuddling each other. our fight never lasts more than a day, mostly less than taht.
From : shampa
On : 2002-09-25
Reply : I stop talking to him for a few days or right now he hurt me so much i dont think i can forgive him... so now i hate him but honestly i love him.But i have to let him go even its hurt but ihave to.
From : shantal
On : 2001-01-29
Reply : It is strange but believe me I am never mad at my boyfriend. Maybe I love him too much. Touch wood.
From : Asha Singh Delhi
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : I don’t like complicating matters so if I am mad at him then we talk it out and try to solve the problem.
From : Radhika Kansas
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : I stop talking to him for a few hours. And then when I cool down I think it over. . . . . if I realize that I was wrong I apologise to him and if he is wrong I tell him his mistake and ensure that he never does it again.
From : Anamika Calcutta
On : 2001-01-06
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