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Subject : Friends without physical attraction
Question : Is it possible for a man and a woman to be just good friends without there being any physical attraction?
Posted by : Lily
Posted on : 2001-01-06
Reply : Hey this is my first time here. how is everyone.
From : Jamilia New York
On : 2005-10-19
Reply : You can be friends forever with or without physical attraction. Friendship with physical attraction has sufferings as well as pleasures but friendship without physical attractions has only sacrifices made by both friends. Friendship without sexual / physical attractions can not be said the strengths of the friends, it could be weaknesses of the friends too as friendship with physical attractions can be both the strength and weakness of the friends. It is nothing but your perspectives, how you see it. I would say those who are in favour of friendship without physical attractions, they lack some normal human qualities, they might feel great without attracting or being attracted by other sex, but it is only their idea, not the idea of the mass. They are good human beings but not complete with all the human senses, feelings, emotions. But, I agree, that it is possible to keep life-long friendship without any physical attractions among friends.
From : Bondhu
On : 2005-10-13
Reply : yes it is not neccessary to have physical attraction to become a good friend.without looking at the body language u can be a very good and lasting freind for far u are taking about freindship then it needs understanding and coalesing of 2 minds not the it last forever.
From : sourabh
On : 2005-08-13
Reply : it is not really necessary for a man and woman to have any type of physical attraction between them. surely a man and woman can be very good friend. i am greatly influenced and inspired by such thoughts.
From : haziq
On : 2005-05-12
Reply : i don't really think u can b mates wiv a guy, you end up falling for that person unless it's a true freindship and you know you're limits!!!!
From : salma
On : 2005-03-23
Reply : with my own experience it iz impossible 4 mates not bein sexually attractd 2 each other. ive tried 2 be mates wid blokes, but dey always end up askin me out or tryin 2 get off wid me an flirt. it does up set me cuz i woud luv 2 hav blokes as mates cuz sum times u wana chil out wid boys an sum tymes wid ur gyals. i lost contact wid all my boy mates cuz dey didnt c me as a mate but i did. sum times i do mis dem.
From : samya
On : 2005-01-06
Reply : Hi Lily, Anything is possible we are after all humans. We are the weakest and the stongest in animal kingdom. Friendship and love are two different names of respect. If you respect another human being and you feel sexually arouse by that person than you have to learn to control yourself and that will make you a stronger individual and if you will forget the respect and loose a friend because the feelings weren't metual than you are weak person. JT Mann
From : JT Mann
On : 2003-12-31
Reply : i have a friend from 8th grade a guy friend and we have been friends for a long time i,m now 22. he now wants to see where things lead. he's cute and we do have so much fun togather. in my case me and him are long over do to give things a shot.
From : phillydanaboo
On : 2003-11-04
Reply : ofcourse you can be a mans friend without attraction because you controll your own feelings.... but the majority of the time it ends up being love as i have my personal experience...
From : kiran
On : 2003-10-23
Reply : Well, I think physical attraction towards your opposite sex friend is quite usual....I'm talking about a real world where real people're friends with a guy and you're sexually attracted towards him too then it's normal....I mean as you're only friends and not dating or seeing each other so you got to keep some boundries as because once you cross the line, there's no coming back and you may lose his friendship later but in psychological point of view there's nothing wrong with sexual attraction towards your opposite sex friends. So if you're in a dilemma like that then trust me there's nothing wrong with you...infact most of us also got the same feeling but we don't dare to admit it. Keep Smiling because it's the second most beautiful thing you can do with your lips..!! -----Vikash-----
From : Vikash
On : 2003-09-19
Reply : Hello Lily, I agree with all of you people.Frindship is Friendship& please don't mix it up with sex. I mean if you got a goood friend in life don't comfuse it w/ sex!
From : Dianna
On : 2003-09-12
Reply : Hello Miss Lily, How r u? I hope u will be fine. I read pervious commands. I am 101% agree with Miss Nina. It is True that a true friends are so little in this vast world. I have no Gf or any other relation in my life till now. But if i foud any girl which is not beautiful but she is sincere with me and also loving and caring i will be marry with her. Because the beauty is not for so far. Only Sincierty and Love is for ever. Beauty does n't matter in a successful life. Your life partner should be only sincere and loving. That enough for any luck person Thanx and Take care
From : Masnoor Ali
On : 2003-08-04
Reply : Depends wat sort of person u r sumtimez. Cuz if u prefer 2 be matez wiv da opposite sex fair enough dont necassarily mean u gotta have physically attraction going on. Friendship aint based on da person having 2 b da same sex as u. u can be frendz wiv anyone of any age,race,sex, etc.U just gotta face da new world where u can be just matez wiv sumone if their da opposite sex. U people need 2 be in wiv da new flow datz life!
From : Aniqa
On : 2003-07-12
Reply : It is impossibel
From : nima
On : 2003-05-18
Reply : Of COURSE! Its ok to have a guy friend. True friends are hard to find in life and if this "guy" is very special,caring, and always there for u, u should never leave.
From : Nina
On : 2003-05-11
Reply : well!!!!! i have my personel experiences and i know that what have encouraged towards this questions....but i relly have very straunch belief on my ability of loving my friends ......i really love all my friends wheer they are girls or boys i just love them.........although i had painful experiences with girls as friends abt trusting stuff but i still believe that ...if i can make a relationship without any sexual linkage ...anyone else can it is really true that friendship is not interested in sexes is interested in belief and trust...!
From : Naveed
On : 2003-05-01
Reply : as joy deep said..there r many relationships between a guy and a gal ..they selct their relation as per their like and dislikes whether they wanna be friends or gf-bf or brother-sister..nething there doesmt come the physical attraction....
From : mansi
On : 2002-12-19
Reply : a man and a woman be a friends,husband and wife brothers and sisters,so it depends upon them that what type of ralationship they want,so one cant take the decision of what relation is going to but if u ask me i am ready to be ur friend and only a friend.
From : joydeep
On : 2002-12-13
Reply : Well its entirely possible for a guy and a girl to be friends without like sex or whatever. I mean yeah there might be attraction, but there might not be. Just cause a guy has a penis and a girl has a vagina doesn't instantly attract them to one another! Please friendship is friendship.
From : Tigress69
On : 2002-11-15
Reply : Well if u try anything is possible. One has to be above temptation and physical attraction. Friendship is a pure relationship which two people of opposite sex must honor and if they despite being just friends fall foe one another....well, what the heck whats wrong in that unless its an adulterous relationship.
From : Feebee
On : 2002-07-18
Reply : I believe there is always a little bit of physical attraction between a man and woman friendship unless the either party already has a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife.There can be no platonic friendship with either party having no one in his/her life
From : Ams
On : 2002-07-03
Reply : all guys are after one thing.. the only guys that wont try anything are the ones that are gay ..
From : lisa
On : 2002-05-08
Reply : Man and woman can never be just good friends. The sex part always comes in. It just has to happen without you even realizing when you fell in to it.
From : Carol Ohio
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : They say, “If you found a friend you found a treasure”. Friendship is something, which sees no caste, age differences and sex. Man and woman can be the best of friends. Sex has nothing to do with friendship.
From : Harsha Shah London
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : Yes, why not. Friendship is a very pure relationship. Where is the question of there being any physical attraction. This kind of relationship can last forever and true friends are very difficult to find.
From : Mahima Trivedi New Jersey
On : 2001-01-06
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