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Subject : propose to your boyfriend
Question : Will you propose to your boyfriend first or wait for him to propose to you?
Posted by : Trupti
Posted on : 2001-01-06
Reply : I love when women propose , it's flattering and beautiful !
From : Merfi
On : 2006-02-16
Reply : Of course if a woman wants to get married she should propose . we live in a modren time now . when women propose it's just beautiful - we love when you are in control and take charge ! p.s. love your suggestion palvi
From : michael
On : 2006-02-16
Reply : i want to prorose a girl whom i know form just last two month and i have built a very good repo with her but i am afried that she might refuse me. although she is also kind of indian traditional girl we both are doing Master at US university how can i know wheather she loves me or not? what should i do?
From : nik
On : 2005-10-06
Reply : Greetings all! Hiya Trupti Yr dilema has a simple and sweet solution. If you are a woman/girl of the new century, why don't you propose to yr boyfriend! 1) Plan a special venue (maybe get help from friends/family) 2) Prepare a special romantic meal 3) Dim lights, wine and romantic music Anyway, you catch my drift ... Let me know how you get on.... GOOD LUCK
From : Palvi
On : 2005-09-24
Reply : well tradition speaks it`s d guys who shud tak d initiative n make d girl droll for u!
From : vruturaj
On : 2005-09-10
Reply : there is no problem in girls proposing but the problem is with the male psycology.i have seen m,any a guys start acting pricey,thinking as if its just the girl who wants them and stuff.its a general attitude.but if the boy is ok no problems at all.dont speak it yourself.give him a hint or two,give him lots of attention n see how he responds.
From : neha
On : 2005-09-06
Reply : If you love him just Ignor All suggestions Go Ahead propose openly get married, enjoy the life I proposed my beloved she also proposed me We got married in the year 1987 we are fine enjoying everything GO AHEAD is the only way of enjoymnet.
From : SAK
On : 2005-08-23
Reply : The Bible says, "When a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing." So I believe it is God ordained for the man to look for and propse to the woman. It is our job to get close to God through Jesus Christ as we are waiting for God's gift to us to come to us.
From : Bethany
On : 2005-08-02
Reply : Why ru waiting go and proposed him otherwise u will loose him
From : niranjan
On : 2005-08-01
Reply : I believe in equal opportunities for all, even in proposal, so if the lady feels the time is right then she should propose. plus us guys can be a bit dense about these things
From : rajx
On : 2004-10-27
Reply : well i proposed my boyfriend...but he is younger than 5 years elder......i think my age is problem for him...i love him as crazy...
From : kirti
On : 2004-09-03
Reply : hi i tell u taht go and tell him.this is the best the world has changed.otherwise u will loose him to somebody.
From : vishal
On : 2004-06-14
Reply : well..we have been together for four and half years...and we have planned to get married in 2006.but i will wait till he proposes.
From : shify
On : 2004-04-22
Reply : why do guys need to do's high time girls started proposing..
From : Mithun
On : 2004-02-16
Reply : first of all one should understand the feeling of other then it dosent matter who has to propose . but they should like each other.defenitely i will propose first.
From : muthu kumar
On : 2004-01-19
Reply : well my bpyfriend and i have been together 3yrs and he says that he wants to marry me but he hasn't proposed yet and i cannot decide if i should do it or wait until he is ready
From : jamie
On : 2003-12-28
Reply : Well,I guess that I would.If I could find the right way to do so. My boyfriend tell's me that if I think that he is taking to long to propose to him I'm seriously considering it but I still haven't found the right way yet, thats why I'm on here trying to find ideas.
From : Stacey
On : 2003-12-14
Reply : I shall never propose to my boyfriend
From : ashraf
On : 2003-06-06
Reply : I want my boyfriend to propose first because I have made it clear to him that I'm ready and he still hasn't proposed. I can't propose to him knowing he isn't ready.
From : Julia
On : 2003-05-21
Reply : I shall definitely wait for his proposal, not b coz i'll feel shy or what but of course when u love some one u also want him or her to love u more than u love them, but some times it is called as a ego but i m sure if the love is true so he or she will definitely propose u, in my case i never fell in love and even i m much feared by this word love, but its too beautiful that i m sure once me too have to fall in love.
From : Nausheen
On : 2003-04-09
Reply : i'll definately propose to the man i luv .if i don't ,i'm just hurting myself .so evey girl should feel free to do that.
From : wedeb
On : 2003-04-05
Reply : yes, you should propose to him first because, men who are introverts never have the guts to propose or make any positive moves before they are provoked to do so. Proposing to him is the best thing a girl has to do to quell the gloom . May god bless you.
From : Vishu Kamath
On : 2003-01-27
Reply : I think everygirl should have the courage to propose to their man, and not just wait for them. Even though my b/f and i never had to propose to each other cuz we were already too open minded and knew would marry each other, that we went right off to making plans for our wedding, but in our case, i would definately propose to him, only if i can make it before he does. but the point is, girls shouldnt have to wait for the man to propose. but it is okay for a girl to wait for the man to propose cuz it makes the girl feel more special.
From : Shampa
On : 2002-09-25
Reply : I was married in the year 1965. My husband had come to see me. I liked him so much that when my parents left both of us alone before he could open his mouth I directly told him that I liked him and wanted to marry him. We were married within a week and we left for New York. I think it is stupid to wait for someone to propose to you. You should have confidence in yourself to approach someone and speak out your heart to that person. Leave the rest on destiny.
From : Mrs Sheela Dixit New York
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : I will definitely propose to the person I love. Gone are the days when a girl has to wait for the boy to propose to her. If I love him then it doesn’t matter who proposes first. The thing is are we willing to stay with one another for ever and if the decision is taken by both of us then it doesn’t matter who proposes.
From : Kalpana Ahuja Canberra
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : I want my boyfriend to propose first. After all its tradition.
From : Gauri Ghodpade Bombay
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : Well, it depends. If he is taking a helluva long time to propose then I don’t mind proposing but I think I will still wait for him to propose to me.
From : Neha
On : 2001-01-06
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