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Subject : Opinion on Beauty
Question : Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What is your opinion?
Posted by : Jescintha
Posted on : 2001-01-06
Reply : Hey girl, beauty is not defined by fair skin, nice figure and long hair. No,Noo I have seen people who do not even fit within these categories and they are gorgeous. The key is to work with what you have, and not change what God has blessed you with. Everyone feels self-conscious at times, and we are lying to ourselves if we say we don't care about what other people think when in reality we actually do. If you have tan, olive, or dark complexion, you can play it up. Find the features you like the most about yourself and accentuate these qualities. Also whatever you find as flaws might be considered beautiful in the eyes of others. I think you should work on your self-confidence first, because thats how others will percieve you. It makes one more attractive. If you lived nearby, I would love to give a makeover, prettifying people is so much fun especially when they aren't aware they have it in them. I suggest put on some makeup, learn how to apply, becuase that makes anyone feel prettier and could hide some flaws. And if you lack long hair, just get a great haircut for short styles at a salon. Take care and goodluck, hope you feel better:)
From : Oh Mo
On : 2005-10-29
Reply : I totally agree with Nirav. Anyways...My opinion on beauty is this: All of us are different, in the way we look, the way we act, the way we feel. And different people like different things. If you spend your life judging your own beauty through other's eyes...all you will accompish is making yourself unhappy. When you learn to truly love yourself for who and what you are...whether your fat or slim, long hair or short hair, light or dark complection...shy or outgoing...tall...short, etc etc...whe you have come to accept in your soul and spirit that YOU are beautiful...and see the beauty in all others, no matter what walk of life, financial status, race, religion or creed... When you learn to do transcend beyond the materialistic and judgemental tendencies...YOU are TRULY beautiful.
From : dez
On : 2005-10-16
Reply : hi, my name is priya and im only 15, but i really want to look good. im not ugly but for some reason i feel it. plus i want to be really pretty like the other girls in my skool with nice long hair, fair skin, nice figure etc. i get really upset abt my appearance. please can u help me. make me pretty or feel pretty.
From : priya
On : 2004-10-18
Reply : hi there!! In my opinion everything depends on the person who looks at u..for instance few people might seek for b'ful eyes or lips or any other feature and few people just seek for that interesting personality which includes body language and not that of ya..everything is upto the person who is gona consider u. I have one solid proof regarding it. One of my friend aint that b'ful but many guys r after her just caz the way she talks and laughs..u know very girlie..and there r many guys who likes me just caz of my nature and personality so..again diff reasons..already then laterdayz. regards, Vaisu
From : vaisu
On : 2004-08-13
Reply : Yes. what everyone is saying is true, but sometimes good looks is a neccessity for some peope, because if you look good then the opposite person or sex will judge you and ur personality that way, whereas if ur ugly then you might just put people off, and they might not want to know you. Sometimes in life, we say that looks don`t matter, its the mind but if you look at this matter generallly i`m sure you`ll see that good looks matters in alot of cases, and its true that if your good looking then you have more doors open for you, by that i mean more oppurtunities in life, which is not right.And if ur ugly(i`m not sayin anyone is) then theres alot of people out there who just judge you by the looks and not want you.
From : Neelam
On : 2004-04-01
Reply : Hi Archs, Cut cucumber in slices and apply it on ur face. Daily application prevents pimples and blackheads. Besides, being a cooling agent, it also helps lighten blemishes.
From : Smita Agarwal
On : 2002-04-20
Reply : Hi Archs, for oily skin u need to cleanse ur skin regularly and keep it properly toned and clean. Use a good cleanser and a mild face wash that will keep the pores free of oil.Also do facials.
From : Ritika Anand
On : 2002-04-20
Reply : I am having oily skin this causes blackeheads on my face and beauty spots on my face(around 10). Please suggest me some home remedies.
From : Archs
On : 2002-03-07
Reply : What you all have penned is true . Beauty really lies in the eye of the beholder and that is the substance of it . Doesn't matter how the world thinks or percieves beauty it is the special someone that looks beautiful to you inside and out and also makes you feel beautiful . The values , the morals , the grace and the sincerity in an individual is what I think is the most beautiful features that he/she can adourn .
From : Anindita , CT
On : 2001-11-20
Reply : sometimes outside beauty is also important like a persons skin color etc..
From : nisha
On : 2001-11-18
Reply : all these messages are true
From : christina
On : 2001-11-18
Reply : In my opinion, the most beauty in front of people's eye is the physicly look, only the person who lives and stays close tho the person that they todl is beautiful knows what is the real beauty is.
From : Shealla
On : 2001-04-09
Reply : Every person according to me is beautiful. To judge a person’s beauty you should understand the person well and then only can you say that she/he is beautiful. For a mother all her children are beautiful. It is not the looks that are important but it is the mind that matters.
From : Nirav LA
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : I don’t understand why beauty is always correlated with a persons looks and features. I don’t have a beautiful face but my husband says that I am the most beautiful person he has ever met. He says that because it is not my looks that made him love me but it is my heart, my nature and my love for him that matters. To him I am beautiful and maybe to others I am not.
From : Seema Bhargav Delhi
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : This is very true. With a beautiful body it is necessary that one should have a beautiful heart. If I love a person looks do not matter much to me what is important is that person should have a beautiful heart.
From : Alka Kartike Houston
On : 2001-01-06
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