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Question : Are you a person who flows with the trends of fashion or do you create your own style?
Posted by : Yogita
Posted on : 2001-01-06
Reply : I feel that if you're following too closely to the trends, then you're basically letting someone you dont know tell you how to dress. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying dont follow trends. What I AM saying is, take the trend as a fashion cue. From there, add a bit of yourself to create a style that is YOU. Dont worry too much about lables and whether something costs alot (i.e. status symbols). If you find a shirt you like, and its really cheap...then if you like t..get it and wear it! Wear what you like, and what is comfortable and flattering, and ALWAYS carry yourself with confidence. If you do will exude, practically REEK of fashionability. I aways wear stuff that I like, whether it be a cheongsam, a khurta, an army uniform, salwar kameez, jeans and a bob marley t-shirt, hooded sweatshirts and chucks...whatever I whatever color I please, is what I wear. And I get complements ALL the time. So like I said...wear what you want! If you have the confidence to back it up, you can wear and do anything!
From : dez
On : 2005-10-16
Reply : Namastia, well this is errol i am in canada now but lived in beautifull mumbahi, i would like to know if they still have the Fashion street in mumbahi, and how to get in contcat in order to buy some clothes , I am also looking for a fashion designer to help me manufacture Kurtis if any one has any contacts or inforamtion can you pls email me, thanks errol
From : Errol Ferreira
On : 2005-02-07
Reply : I think a woman should wear clothing that she is comfortable in yet is flattering to her figure. There are limits though, for example, a middle aged or older woman wearing something obviously geared for teenagers or the 20 something crowd (I have seen women do this and they age themselves by doing so, as well as look ridiculous.) There seem to be quite a few non-Indian women wearing salwars and sarees which I think is wonderful. I frequently wear salwars and churidars to work and have gotten many compliments. They are comfortable and very figure-flattering and feminine. Besides, it is fun to wear something that is very different once in a while. I love this site!!!!!!
From : Karen Vincent
On : 2004-07-26
Reply : Everything, everyone said is true. I believe that whatever you wear, you should carry well, and with confidence, thats all that matters, you should be comfortable with the clothes you wear, if u wear somethin that ur not comfortable with then theres no point in spending so much money, then feeling shy over it, just 2 fit in with the rest of the world. You should have you own style n fashion sense, only then you`ll feel good,and look good. It doesn`t matter what other people are wearing, as long as your happy with your style, no-one can say anything.
From : Neelam
On : 2004-04-01
Reply : Hello Yogita, It is important to remember that not everything suits everyone. So the question is - Do you want to waer something that makes you feel and look good (..and which may not essentially be the "in thing") or something that you know is the "in thing" but you are not comfortable in? Hope this answers your question :-)
From : ABC
On : 2003-09-10
Reply : Hi Linda, draping a saree is a bit tough. But here it goes. First of all put on a petticoat and tie it confortably tight around the waist. Now take the loose end of the saree around the back & tuck smoothly into the petticoat. Then take inner end of the saree and starting from left side three-fourths accross the front-waist tuck the upper edge into the petticoat. Bring the saree forward from the right hand side and fold into pleats (7 to 10) the last one little broader than the rest and pulled up slightly (this gives a neat smooth look) and tuck them neatly and flat into the petticoat. Again the lower end of the saree should be levelled with the ground. How much to leave for the pallu depends on the length that suits you best. Pull the over drape to tighteen around the hips and waist, take it up and place over your left shoulder in neat folds. And thats it. All the best!!
From : Meena
On : 2003-09-05
Reply : HELP, ladies!! I have a very important conference I am co-chairing tomorrow in St. Louis, USA, and have a glorious saree waiting to be worn.. However, I have forgotten HOW TO DRAPE IT!! Please help me as fast as you can, step by step...I remember how to gather/pleat it at my waist, but don't recall the actual draping pattern before I do that!! Deepest thanks. Sarees are simply the most beautiful clothing in the world, and I want to do it justice. Peace be with you all!
From : Linda Jacobsen
On : 2003-09-04
Reply : I believe that a person should be able to wear whatever they want, as long as it is in good taste. It's nice to see what are the latest trends but we need not follow all. After all if you look good that's all that matters! Also we all know that if you have something long enough it always comes back into fashion.
From : Anjali Sinha
On : 2003-03-28
Reply : fashion is not only in the clothes u all depends on the way u carry all depends on self confidence.even if ur gonna wear an oridnary salwar kameez with the gaudiest of colour if ur able to carry urself really well,people will feel that maybe what u wear is really cool.if u feel ur beautiful and sexy from within blended with an air of self confidence ,then u r ready to take over the world with ur own sense of style!
From : luvleen
On : 2003-03-21
Reply : I believe that people should follow trends to a certain extent. They should not go out of their way to become something they are not. People who do no have any interest in sport should NOT wear trackpants just because it is the "In" thing. Whatever looks good on u and ur body type is stylish and fashionable to me. Whatever you wear ...wear it with confidence!Personally I have my own style with my own cuts to suit my figure and colours and patterns that I love.I refuse to be just another sheep in the flock.
From : Tia420
On : 2002-10-29
Reply : Yes, I will definitely flow with the trends of fashion. In today’s world no one should lag behind in any field. One has to be aware of what’s happening around and keep herself updated be it fashion or current affairs. If a certain style were outdated then I would not go for it and be a subject of ridicule.
From : Karishma Nath Mumbai
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : Fashion according to me is something within myself. The dress that I am wearing should be neat and stylish and I should be able to carry it off. For that I need not ape someone but yes I will definitely like to know the prevailing trends of fashion.
From : Deepti Baroda
On : 2001-01-06
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