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Subject : Dieting
Question : Is dieting safe?
Posted by : anushruthi
Posted on : 2001-01-06
Reply : Dieting itself is safe, if to keep some simple rules: 1) Short time period (one-two month). If it not help for this term, this diet is not effective. 2) For loose weigh diet to be accompanied with weight loss pills (in general, appettite suppressants). I know one good site, where are sold safe and effective diet pills: It's recommended. 3) After any dieting don't return to former life style, better is moderate semivegetarian food. Good luck!
From : Dudly Adams
On : 2005-11-30
Reply : I am indra from france but indian i am 65 kg and height 150cm. I have some problem of health like respiration,hypo thyroid, and i have one meningium in my left side over brain and i ma taking medicines for all these.Would any body can help me for doing something for my well being.thanks.
From : indu
On : 2004-11-30
Reply : Im 25 years old.158cm tall and 48 facing a problem to reduce my tummy size...plz suggest me any idea's how to deal with it...i've try many ways but still facing the problem.
From : vanthana
On : 2004-11-24
Reply : i'm 54 kg and 158cm tall to be a model i need to loose my weigh can you suggest something for my weigh loosing problem please i really want to loose my weigh and also for my mother she also wants to loose weigh i think she is about 80kg and quite shorter than
From : kausi
On : 2004-05-23
Reply : hello i i don't speek very good english but i try to explain you my problem. my weight is 80 kgs and i do 1m66cm it's my height. i want to lose my weight i want to do 56 kgs in 3 mouth. it's possible ? and how? please reply me and thank you to read my e mail bye
From : sid
On : 2004-03-24
Reply : Anushruthi, I agree with Khushboo! Controlling your diet is much more complex than you think. You need to start by evaluating your current diet and observing whether you consume large amounts of carbohydrates, fats or protiens. These are all interrelated and contrary to the well-believed concept that only fats are fattening, all of these can lead to increase in your fat deposits. But as long as you are able to evaluate and cut down the culprit (in your case, it may be any of the three that I mentioned above, and you would know about it if you evaluate your , say, 1 week dietary pattern)and ensure that you still get your required vitamins and minerals- it will work without causing any harm. Hope I didn't confuse you. But if I did, then consult a dietician, that's the best way to acheive dietary control. Good Luck:-) ABC.
From : ABC.
On : 2003-09-10
Reply : It is safe only if you do it the right way. If you think that the solution to weight loss is a crash diet then you are mistaken as such an act might leads to serious health problems. Always eat healthy food and stay fit by regular exercise.
From : Khushboo Haryana
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : No. To lose weight you need not deprive yourself of food or starve yourself. Our body requires essential nutrients, proteins, and vitamins and by going on a diet we mess up the entire system, which ultimately makes our body immune system weak thereby weakening us. The better option is to exercise and eat balanced diet.
From : Rupa Trivedi Coimbatore
On : 2001-01-06
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