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Subject : Have sex or wait?.
Question : I never had sex till now and im single. I have strong desire for sex.. whenever I see girls I just observe their breasts.. waist etc .. it makes me very hot.. I feel this is becomming very bad.. I cant stay way from looking at their curves and dreaming of touching them ..etc .. Now I have developed very bad habit.. in buses when it it too rush I get near where ladies stand.. I try to push myself to ladies standing near me.. many times I was lucky.. I get the same response.. sometimes they stare at me and I just stop .. but most of the times I was able to push myself to make me good .. and make contact with their ass.. it was really good exp.. even I was able to touch them by hands.. even I was lucky to touch their breasts.. I really dnt know how I can stop on these activities.. Once I was travelling home.. it was a night bus.. in front of me was a lady she ws sleeping.. I was the only person sitting behind her seat and no one was around me.. I made myself confortable.. and started my fun by leg .. she responded.. then I slowly moved my hands to her breasts from behind.. I was able to press.. also I tried to put my hand on her stomache and to her lower parts but she resisted.. later from below her seat between gaps I put my both hands and hold her ass.. between ass I put my finger and tried to finger.. she then resisted.. I look good.. and tall but I dnt have any girl friends. I masturbate a lot.. atleast 2-3 times a day.. I need some help to stop all these!
Posted by : Sagar
Posted on : 2006-02-26
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