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Subject : teenage son smoking
Question : If you catch your teenage son smoking what will you do?
Posted by : sumedha
Posted on : 2001-01-06
From : ANIAS
On : 2005-02-18
Reply : When i was younger, my mom tried to ground me, make me eat them and everything else, but to this day i still smoke.....Don't try to punish him, just tell him the effects of smoking and show him lung cancer patients. What will really get him, is say that girls hate always works....
From : jesseca ritchie
On : 2004-06-01
Reply : i m a teen mah self and..i thing best way 2 deal wid is be frnds wid ur kids..i mean it kinda kewl wen parenst talk to deya kidz like dat i love mah dad for dat..he talks to us so kewl and i mena he cooler den is kewl and start convos and its lasts for hours so best thing motivate ur kids and they will respect u and ur decisions.....
From : shivi
On : 2004-02-06
Reply : I wouln't not be too harsh, it might be just the rebellious phase all teeagers go through. If you are too hard he might become more stubborn. I would simply point out to him all the bad effects of smoking and the fact that girls don't like boys that smell of smoke.
From : Manu
On : 2003-10-03
Reply : u should handle this with a harsh punnishment or yelling. Talk to him. He might have a reason for smoking.
From : Nina
On : 2003-05-11
Reply : Lets face it , smoking is a nasty habit and the faster you nip it in the bud the better. But then again try telling a teenager that and expecting him to care isn't going to work either. So one can only tell him the facts and let him decide for himself.
From : Smiley
On : 2002-07-18
Reply : Dont be to hard on him. Speak to him about his habit and allow him the chance to explain. Being supportive as a parent won't be easy but if he can see that you are willing to help he might just consider giving up smoking altogether.
From : Ms Sheetil Seejarim
On : 2002-05-21
Reply : If I cannot make him give up smoking I think I will consult some Counsellor.
From : Kavita Agra
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : Adolescence is the phase in which kids are rebellious and they will always tend to do things quite the opposite to your wishes. So the only thing you can do is try to make them realise the dangers of smoking with patience and love. Try to be their friend, try to understand them and find out if they are facing any problem, which they might be scared of or shy to disclose. Once you know where the problem lies you will be able to make him give up this addiction.
From : Dr B D Bhargava California
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : One thing I learnt from my experience is that being strict and punishing your son will make things worse. You have to handle this situation with caution and care.
From : Kamini Barua Cochin
On : 2001-01-06
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