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Subject : dont know what to do
Question : hi, can anyone give advice i just got married in august and sice then my marraige is going wrong my husband is never home always with his family only comes home late at night i always cook and wait for him to come home but he doesnt eat with me to on our wedding night he went to dubai for 10 days, and he still hasnt moved in with me yet we have been maried 3 months and we have not consumated our marraige yet i dont know why i asked him if he loves me says he does! but he is not affectionate at all i never see him in the daytime as he always has to go home to his elders and i havent seen them yet we were engaged for 1 year but since we wed all has gone wrong, i dont want to leave him but i am getting so unhappy all i do is wait for him to come home wich isnt till ater 10pm sometimes and i dont kn ow his family either he is a uk pakistani guy and i am a muslim from europe i just dont understand why we married and i dont know what to do as he hates talking about feelings and he doesnt take care of me either i dont ask for much just shelter and food but he says he has to take care his parents first i dont mind that but i am just left alone all day looking out the window wondering why its like this i am all alone here in the uk and have no family here either i am gett ing so sad ANY ADVICE WELCOME
Posted by : sara
Posted on : 2006-02-13
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