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Subject : adoption
Question : What is your opinion about adoption?
Posted by : manjula
Posted on : 2001-01-06
Reply : im 16 k? I think it is a great idea to adopt children.. Why? cuz.. im adopted and born in India .. and i was adopted when i was 8 so it's kool.. i don't know my real parents.. but i think of them.. plus if i was pregant i would give birth than adport a child.. so that why ithink it GREAT to adopt a child.. :)
From : Farah
On : 2004-11-03
Reply : i am 38 m single. I belive in only adoption. I feel it is sin to bring somebody into this earth and keeping lots of children suffer in the world.But getting a partner with similar beliefs is very difficult in India. Does any girl has similar beliefs ?
From : sri
On : 2004-10-10
Reply : hello..i m only 16 and i always think that adoption is a really wise decision to make and it's not a decision all people choose to. In my opinion it's really important for us to look for the needs of millions dying in hope for love. Ofcourse u might think i aint mature and stuff..u might be even right but in my prospective future i will certainly adopt one kid and try to raise him/her with excellent morals..and the thing which matter most is the morals and values in individual ya..that's my opinion already regards, Vaisu
From : Vaisu
On : 2004-08-12
Reply : I'm 24yrs and married.Even though I have no health realted problems which may hinder in my pregnancy, I plan to adopt rather than to give birth.I feel its a noble cause and raises a human being above his level from being a mere selfish mortal. The way I see it, when there are so many children who need a good home and life, why give birth to just one more, just because you want to be a mother.Mother is one who brings up a child.Just giving birth alone does not make a women mother.Once adopted there is no difference between your own child or and adopted child.He/she is family.
From : Ramaa
On : 2003-06-02
Reply : I'm 21 and found out a year ago i cant have children (carry children), I didnt like the idea of adoption before but now I think its a very good solution, there are so many children who need to be given a chance of a happy family life and who are we to deny them of it. We all have the opportunity but they aren't given the chance
From : Neeta
On : 2003-01-17
Reply : I even I have adopted Son & I am very happy after he coming in our life. V shld hv taken the decison earlier only but now also itis not too late. I wish every body who is not hvg kids shld go for adoption & make the children in the world happy by hvg parents & make their future bright.
From : Rita Sharma
On : 2002-05-18
Reply : When I was told my family doctor that I couldn’t conceive I was so depressed that once even I tried to end my life. But after adopting Ashirwad my life has changed completely. He has brought meaning and purpose in my life and I think that he is the best thing that has happened to me.
From : A J Sen Bhuvaneshwar
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : Both of my kids are adopted and I am lucky to have them. Children are God’s gift. It isn’t important whether you are the biological parent or not, what is important that children make you a complete woman and their love and innocence will remove the void in your life.
From : Puja Tejani Australia
On : 2001-01-06
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