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Subject : Husband’s role
Question : How important is your husband’s role in those nine months?
Posted by : aparna
Posted on : 2001-01-06
Reply : my husband is there always with me by my side he care's about my feeling and i think that's waht a husband should do when his wife is giving birth.
From : Elizabeth
On : 2004-02-19
Reply : A husband's role is the most important in these nine months because ultimately its his support that will make you feel better when you are irritable and grouchy (You are a lot of these two in pregnancy) You need him to support you and tell you that you're beautiful even when you are fat. But his responsibility doesn't end after the birth it just starts.
From : Sargam
On : 2003-11-24
Reply : I was always scared of pregnancy and when I came to know that I was pregnant I was panicky. But my husbands love, support and co-operation made things very easy and both of us went through the experience together.
From : Rakhi Vajani Melbourne
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : The comfort and tenderness of your husband is very important. Motherhood is a beautiful experience and for the first time it is also scary but if you have he love and support of your husband it makes a lot of difference.
From : Mamta Dahanu
On : 2001-01-06
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