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Subject : somebody help...
Question : i have huge problem which i cant talk to any one else about... let me say the full story, since i was 14 i loved a guy sooooo much, i think that nobody can love any1 that much, i can even die for him, but he has no ideas about my feelings. when i turned 18 this year my parents got me married to a guy i have never met in my life n 10 years older than me as well. i was very hurt when they did this bcos they knew that i loved this other guy and so did my elder sista's but no one in this world helped me not even my god who i believed in more than any1 else. afta my marrige i came bak to uk where im from n i found out that my parents were gettin that guy (also a very good family frend) engaged to my very close cousin/ best friend. im not having a very good married life either, please somebody help me, im dying every minute of my life!!! when i close my eyes he comes in my dreams and when i open my eyes he comes in front of me....
Posted by : nisha
Posted on : 2006-01-14
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