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Subject : marriage-sex
Question : Can a marriage be possible without there being sex?
Posted by : julie
Posted on : 2001-01-06
Reply : i think that both is important,but i think that having one as a friend is more inportant than just having sex.
From : philip
On : 2006-01-11
Reply : i wonder how can a man and woman not have sex despite living together, with or without marriage, question is whether both of them find sexual satisfaction in each other or not.....not getting satisfied is equal to not having that right?
From : aahsen
On : 2005-11-29
Reply : i think friendship is more importan then sex , i dont think sex is every thing ...... for me friendship is most important thing in life
From : nawab
On : 2005-09-27
Reply : If there is love every thing can be adjustable
From : Divya
On : 2005-08-09
Reply : I have a question that I need help with. I want to know what is the best postion for first time sex. I have a fiance who has a large penis and I'm a little intimidated when it comes to sex with him. I always find myself thinking about some kind of pain or the expectancy of pain. Can anyone give me a solution to this problem. I also want to know if it was a smart idea to have women on top sex to start out with, my fiance suggested this to me,I don't know what to do. Would someone please reply back?
From : antanisha
On : 2004-09-02
Reply : it depends how long you have been married !!! if the couple is past their prime, then it is easier. if the marriage is new or the couple is young,it will be near impossible for a man to accept the fact that the marriage will be without sex. since you are a woman, you will have to further accept that hubby will be getting it from outside the house !!! if you dont even allow that, then you have to marry a celibate sadhu....hard to find today !
From : rajiv
On : 2004-06-04
Reply : Withou sex what marrage . Without marriage sex is there . I have got more satisfaction from a handsom man than my husband . What a guilt in it . Because I want sexual enjoyment
From : sini
On : 2004-03-27
Reply : hey dear i think frienship between husband and wife is a lot more important than sumthing that u can av with every guy (sex)
From : jaani
On : 2004-01-07
Reply : i agree w/ ruchira.. shes sooo rite
From : angelhrt
On : 2003-11-19
Reply : Every one has this feeling to have that, and with out restriction to do that is the only marriege so i think its impossible to be marriege with out this..
From : Neelma
On : 2003-04-10
Reply : I beleive that it is important to be intimate with your husband but to me it is more important to be a best friend to him. If you get into his heart more than you do his pants it will pay off and you will see a diffrence.
From : Shasta
On : 2002-06-28
Reply : i think sex is overrated.. if i wanted to have sex, then i would not have gotten married.. who cares.. your husband will still go to the strip club with all the other uncles and cheat on you anyway .. dont risk the chance of getting a std by having sex with your husband because do u really know who he is having sex with? knowledge is power
From : lisa
On : 2002-05-08
Reply : Umm yess,,,sex is important in marriage,,,but if it aint great..there r other alternatives~!! I mean,I am sure that not allllll Indian men know how to rock a womens world,,but Spice Of Life is having specials 4 this summer~!! lol,,yes,,,and there r alot of good swingers club out there too keep any women happy~! SEX is important,,but if it aint that greatt there r wayss too improve itt~!!
From : Jubilee
On : 2002-05-07
Reply : No. Marriage is not possible without sex. Sex is an important part of marriage and without sex marriage will be incomplete.
From : Neha Kriplani
On : 2001-11-20
Reply : Marriage is more than just sex and passion. It is a bond in which two people bind themselves wherein they promise to share each other’s pain as well as happiness, they promise to stand by one another for their entire life and they promise to take care of one another. Marriage depends on understanding, love, respect and compassion. Sex is immaterial though given the most value.
From : Ruchira Madras
On : 2001-01-06
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