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Subject : Best Sex Position
Question : Hi, just got married and wanted to know from all you guys which is the best sexual position in which i can reach an orgasm before my hubby does??
Posted by : Pooja
Posted on : 2005-12-22
Reply : hmmmmm!!! This ruchi seems very experienced !! anyways , search for kamasutra positions on the net. they'll show you 30 positions to have sex... try one every nite and repeat the ones that gives you most pleasure... rest it also depends on your partner... and how much efforts he puts in to make you satisfied. a long foreplay is a must for nay sexual act ... rite ..okz. baby enjoy and do let m eknow how are things and which position did u choose... cheers !!!
From : vinny
On : 2006-02-25
Reply : Well missionary position works best for orgasm. Also woman-on-top position is good. Insist on plenty of foreplay before the actual thing.
From : Ruchi
On : 2005-12-22
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