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Subject : i need a little word of advice
Question : Me and this guy went out 4 years ago and we broke up because i had gone to CHURCH with a male friend only after i had asked him every sunday for about 2 months to come with me. After the break up he called me back 30 monutes later to beg for forgiveness. Well i tried to make it work but i didn't feel the same for him. i'll remind you it's 4 years later and he is still in the picture but he's not MY BOYFRIEND. He keeps asking me if I LOVE HIM and if i want to get back with him and it annoys me soooo much. On that same note he has ALWAYS been there for me for the most part of it when i needed him. I'm stuck in the cross roads, do i give him and myself a chance for love again or do i just let him now it ain't gonna be anything between us but friendship??????? -PLEASE HELP
Posted by : Rocky
Posted on : 2005-12-12
Reply : well rocky....let me tell u onething..let it be friendship or depends on how much u believe d other person.n ur case..u had a misunderstanding just becoz..u wer out dr to church with someone else....n i think u r quite religios person..i mean a gud believer n wen u want to search for u soulmate..he with u especially for worship..if he is wid u no matter how difficult life seems...u can live to fullest...yes take care while takin d next step...take care..dear... this is shammy
From : shammy
On : 2006-03-18
Reply : He sounds like a person who may be genuinely nice but has a control issue. So just imagine him as a husband who questions your every move and restricts who you see and where you go. He may love you very much & you may love him - having control issues doesn't make him a bad person, but perhaps its a trait you may like to live without? Just a thought.
From : M.J.
On : 2006-01-07
Reply : tel him your true feeling, are you hiding any feelinfs from him? tel him evrything, even what you'[ve just said here, that im sure wil work something out.
From : Souisd
On : 2006-01-05
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