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Subject : my husband is too much!!!!
Question : I'm married from last 1 year....My husband wants 2 have sex daily n its v.tiring.He sucks my breast v.hard n tells me 2 walk naked in the house,he has got me a breast enhancer machine n now my breast has become v.big n i hate it.He's v.gud at heart but gets v.horny.....
Posted by : rhea
Posted on : 2005-12-10
Reply : Well, this is not normal. I think he wants u to be treated the way he thinks, may be he is creative in doing this, but i think u should counsel ur husband to some doctor and make sure everything is fine with him. He may be suffering from some perversive disorder, but may not be. so i can just guide u to help u out in this situation. If u dint like it, and if u think that it goes on for more years, then there is something wrong. Its just one year and let more years pass out and u will cum to know. Best of luck.
From : vishal
On : 2006-02-07
Reply : Honey he didnt wana marry you, he wanted a sex machine. wht u need to do is, get him his toy and get rid of him.
From : Preet
On : 2005-12-27
Reply : if u dont want to do it then just say no. he cant force you into doing something that you dont want to.
From : Ruchi
On : 2005-12-22
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