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Subject : Losing virginity
Question : ‘Losing virginity before marriage’
Posted by : neelam
Posted on : 2001-01-06
Reply : I think that people should wait till there married or wait as long as they can teen sex is to confusing and in the long run you arent going to end up with the guy your with when your 15 i think sex is to do with someone you really love and can share that great experience with if you love the person and you just cant wait its ok if you know your going to be with the person for the rest of your life go ahead but i say wait on your wedding night it will be way more special and i think you will agree after youve had sex your probably going to think i wish i waited
From : ashley
On : 2006-03-14
Reply : Isn't it always a good idea to test drive the car you want before buying it? It's the same with sex. You don't want to end up with a man that can't please you for the rest of your life!!
From : Lisa
On : 2006-02-17
Reply : ithink some people are misunderstanding virginity. virginity doesn't only apply to girls, it goes the same for guyz. the only difference is , it doesn't show itself in guyz where u can tell if a gal lost her virginity... but to say its ok for guyz,, no one is saying that.. everyone who said its sin its sin for guyz n galz.. it applys 2 both group..
From : keya
On : 2005-08-25
Reply : All I can say about this topic is: to me Sex is sacred and beautiful. I would only have Sex when I am ready and its with the person that I love and want to spend the rest of my life with. I dont believe in havng Sex with multiple partners. To me I would be labeling myself as a ho or slut. I have morals and values and its to give my body to only one person, the person I love and is going to spend the rest of my life with. Even if they end up not being the one I spend the rest of my life with, I will never marry no other, and will alwawys remain theirs. I love my husband Vikash with all my heart and soul and I will always and only be his, even if he has been with other woman in the past, he is mines now and what we have is beautiful and sacred. I'm happy to have given what is precious to me.Other than that, its up to each individual to want to have sex or not before or after marriage. There is no right or wrong answer to sex before or after marriage.
From : Shoky
On : 2005-02-16
Reply : Hey,I seen alot of commment about losing virginity before married. And people who thinks having sex before married is sin, I have one thing to say you need to change your way of thinking. If a guy have sex before married, which the do, there no way to find out that he didn't have sex. It shouldn't matter 4 girls. We are live in 2005 not 1965. Ladies it up to U to decide that who U want to lose ur virginity. Guys if u think that losing virginity b4 married is a sin, remember one thing it takes guy to lose a girls virginity. LOVE THE WIEF NOT REST DONT MATTER!!!!!!!!!!
From : seven
On : 2005-02-02
Reply : I think u should b able 2 wen u feel the time iz rite. but according 2 tradition if u do it after marriage i think u dont hav 2 worry about any problemz.
From : Samira
On : 2005-01-27
Reply : I really agree?girl or guys should be virgin before marriage? , they should not involve in sex before marriage. Because girls are sensitive and they like and love the guy whom they had sex first time. So if this happens with her husband she will not fight for small things , because the first love and sex will over ride her to love her husband not trouble. In turn husband will also give true love to her .so that bond will become strong and strong that is the reason if you see our elders there are very very few cases of divorces right? But now if you see it is shooting up , it has become common. So guys or girls I recommend you to keep your originality for suppose .
From : rahul
On : 2005-01-05
Reply : i think most of the people do sex to calm down themself which is a normal thing.but talking about real sex is another thing.if someone really attracts you by showing their body then just forget it because who knows what's your number in her please have sex with the person you love & only if she/he agrees.
From : shaan
On : 2004-06-20
Reply : Hi, This chap seems like a a total idiot....were you a virgin when you married your wife you silly man? Can't you just be together and be happy? why is this such a big issue? Maybe that guy who wrote to you is jelous of you having this woman as your bride! Get over it you twit!
From : sonie (UK)
On : 2004-05-21
Reply : i haven been married exactly last year. things were going fine and all off sudden i got a letter from my wife our first night we made love, but surprisingly she havent bleeded. she was giving reason she use to travel on cycle lot thats why she havent.i want to know ur opinion. it is true girls wont bleed if they work to much on cycle
From : raj
On : 2004-04-25
Reply : Sexual intercourse before marriage is not a sin . If both are interested they can make sexual intercourse . It depends on persons . If anybody tasted once and got the satisfaction then she cannot live without sex . If getting an enjoyment then why or whom we are afraid ?
From : sajini
On : 2004-03-29
Reply : I think you guys have it figured out wrong. Love and sex are two different topices. Having sex before marriage or after is not that big of a deal. But start to have sex in you teenage years is not good for your carrier and school. Sex takes way too much time and energy that should be used in your schooling. JT Mann
From : JT Mann
On : 2003-12-31
Reply : I myself am not against pre-marital sex, but I have one question. What's considered more heinous in traditional Indian culture? Would any of you say that an Indian girl that has pre-marital sex be considered much worse than men killing each other, spousal abuse, child abuse, men raping other women and children, and doing illegal drugs? I know it's a silly question, but from what I've seen in the Desi really makes me wonder..... I had a female relative that got divorced because her husband beat her. Well, guess what? My uncles got mad at her for divorcing him, regardless if he beat her or not! The fact that she divorced him was 10 times worse than him beating the crap out of her. It would be interesting (yet horrible at the same time) to know if men that committ murder and rape are considered to be more "moral and socially acceptable" than a non-virgin girl in traditional Indian culture
From : Reshma
On : 2003-11-26
From : SiMmI
On : 2003-11-22
Reply : Sex before marriage is a major sin. Also if u marry u shud b together w/ ur partner till the rest of ur life because its a commitment and u've already promised each other dat u'll b there in pain, death, happiness etc. some gals might think that it's ok to have sex w/ her bf because he's is da only that shes gonna spent her life with and then end up marryin a different person. That's not right. eventhough u think ur bf is da only one u r gonna b w/ for the rest of ur life u still shudnt have sex w/ him but do it after u marry him. Its also mentioned in the holy books specially in the Bible losing virgnity b4 marriage is a sin. Take St. Mary as an example:- if she wasnt a virgin then God wudnt choose her 2 bear Jesus Christ. She's always God fearing and very holy.. Well in conclusion- Losing virginity b4 marriage is a major sin...And its sooo true..
From : angelhrt
On : 2003-11-19
Reply : hi. is it true that if the guy penetrates a gurl without difficulty, it means that the gurl isn't virgin?
From : Dila
On : 2003-11-07
Reply : how can i know a girl is a vergin.if she did not bleed blood when we have sex for first tell how can i know??/
From : rajesh
On : 2003-09-06
Reply : I think you should only sleep with the one you believe is the right one, the one you will marry. There are indian girlz out there who have slept with their boyfriends (mostly because he said she will be the only one in his life) and at the end the guy only wants one thing from her; then she ends up marrying a different guy and admits to her husband that she has slept with someone before him and this is where the problem starts. Well you can always not lie to your husband by sayin he is the first one but do you really want to start your marriage with a lie????? Remember Gurlz guys think it is ok for them to sleep with gurlz b4 marriage but its is not always ok for their future wifes to have slept with someone else before marriage
From : Suz
On : 2003-08-26
Reply : Just a remainder how da hell do all of ya know that your partners r virgins or not? I bet u neva know. So whats the big deal then.Many women dont bleed, and some just have a trickle and as for guys " go figure". Being a virin or not is your personal choice.Hapiness does not equal virginity.
From : Anamika Lal
On : 2003-08-20
Reply : its not a sin.none of our holy books say it is.its just a piece of skin that we r talking abt here.its your first experience so enjoy it. make a perfect time for it with the perfect partner.some ppl are unlucky that they save it for after marriage and some uncompassionate hubby just satisfies himself. it means nothing to him,some gals are that unlucky. and they regret the rest of their life if they had given themselves to someone whom they had loved before. ladies its your body you take control over it.
From : shikha
On : 2003-06-29
Reply : As I was reading the comments I couldn't help but notice the varied responses everyone had. Some said it was a sin, others that it was a romantic thing. Others still mentioned the double standards for men and women , one other person decide to put so many curse words in their message (perhaps in a desperate attempt to look cool) that even if their message was worth reading, it would get lost in the midst of all that foul talk. Personally I'm still trying to figure out the answer to that question, however I fell very strongly about one thing: the answer is not universal for everyone. What I mean is that there is no one answer which is right. Therefore I feel that it is a personal decision that each person needs to make on their own. Being pure for your husband is not the only reason not do it; and not getting pregnant is also not the only reason to do it while using condoms. Ultimately it is your body and you should treat it like a temple, so who you chose to let enter has to be a personal decision.
From : Sofia
On : 2003-06-06
Reply : Sex for us men is challenge , power to control and curiousity but for women it is Love , Rare ( Something she cannīt give to anyone ) , Committment and Special . So it is not good for the women to lose her virginity before the marraige .
From : Razak
On : 2003-04-03
Reply : I think it doesn't matter if you're a virgin or not, ideally its better if you are according to the traditionalists but then reality kicks in and if it happens then it happens. As long as you love the person and they love you back whats the big deal. Its not for others to judge if the person is ready then so be it. We have our own mind!!!!!!!
From : neeta
On : 2003-01-17
Reply : In my opinion the original beuty of sex is after marriage because sex is fair & good is only with ur life partner. But unlike me i've already done it, but she is going to be my life partner (insha-allah)god willing. Our LOVE is "Committed Love"!! Any way that's what i have to say about sex and me.
From : Murad
On : 2002-11-13
Reply : Seriously, opinions like "it is a sin" and all of that, are simply ridiculous and irrelevant to todays times. I mean pramila wrote the fac that not even a doctor can see if your a V or not. SO girls and guys, if you're at the stage where you're intimate with someone GO FOR IT! at leats ur getting some..I have't since damned February!Also the person who said well, "having sex b4 marriage is a sin but it's not the person's fault due to that desires cannot b resisted " HONEY! just keep ur damned legs closed. Also Sunil its nice that u like having sex but really WE DIDN'T NEED TO KNOW! oh god, and pls if you're going to propose do it properly..Just remember guys, sex isn't a damned duty/responsibility or tradition or whatever...please girls stop being such nuns..and well enjoy it!!
From : Tigress69
On : 2002-10-27
Reply : i think anyone who have sex before marriage is a disgrace to themselves, forget about teh culture and the tradition. someone who is a disgrace to themselves are teh low life of all. so anyone who is having sex without being married to the person, everytime you lie in a bed with a man you are not married to, think of your self as a prostitute, and think of the fact that god is not with you, and wont be as long as you keep doing it, and teh sin you have commited will never be forgiven.
From : reka
On : 2002-09-25
Reply : I thing sex before the marrige is not fare, i ask the girls who don't marrie that if they need to comfortable there life plz do not get this experience before the marriege
From : Nasi
On : 2002-06-11
Reply : I think having sex before marriage is bad thing but losing of virginty is bcoz of the lover. If u love some before marriage u have right to give as much as love u can this is life before marriage. After marriage so always do compromise which means if u r doinf sex then u r doing compromise not loving that person.
From : Jeena
On : 2002-06-05
On : 2002-05-21
Reply : Hiii,,my name is sunil and i like to have sex. Sex is different for guys and girls. For guys,,it's really no biggie~!! I mean,,the more bootii a brother can get, the better. FOr girl,there first time is suppose to be "special" and shit.. buttt get real. WOuldn't it be nice if every1 could wait to do the wild thing after they get married, but we don't live in LALA Land..soo what can I say? SEX IS YUCKIE~!!! And as a malu confused weirdoo I think every1 should stay from it. I LOVE LISA!!! WILL U MARRY ME>??
From : Sunil
On : 2002-05-08
Reply : It depends on the person and the love for the partner.If one is comfortable then whats the big deal.After all sex is trust and understanding between the partners.....nothing else.
From : Aparna
On : 2002-04-06
Reply : well, having sex b4 marriage is a sin but it's not the person's fault due to that desires cannot b resisted
From : shamita
On : 2001-10-23
Reply : Its the gravest mistake of all. There is something called Indian values. Some teens care a heck about it and just blindly ape the western culture which has no history and absolutely no values. Sex is personal, its intimate....Its not an experiment or a puppy lust.
From : Vrinda
On : 2001-07-20
From : Paul
On : 2001-06-05
Reply : The idea of virginity needs to be defined. There are virgin individuals who are not chaste, and chaste individuals who are, physiologically, not virgin. The hymen is not the test of virginity. A woman need not bleed at the first attempt at sexual intercourse. The hymen may be absent, or might get ruptured while playing games, riding a horse, cycling or indulging in any form of vigorous exercise. You do not have to make a big issue over this small tissue! No one can find out for sure whether one is a virgin or not - not even a doctor!
From : Pramila Modi
On : 2001-05-30
Reply : what's the big deal about losing virginity? Its made out to be a big issue over small tisue. The main question is whether you are happy with your actions OR are you encumbered with guilt.
From : Beena Thomas
On : 2001-05-10
Reply : In my opinion the original beuty of sex is after marriage because sex is fair & good is only with ur life partner.
From : Shahzaib
On : 2001-03-24
Reply : Why do we have to make sex such a big issue. Sex is a part of love. If is a way to express your feelings and desire. So even if you do lose your virginity before marriage what difference does it make? After all you will be marrying the person with whom your shared such a lovely experience.
From : Sanjana Bombay
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : There is a thin line between love and lust. Sex before marriage signifies lust not love.
From : Papiha Gandhi Hydrabad
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : It is a sin.
From : Ekta Kapoor Gwalior
On : 2001-01-06
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