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Subject : how should i?
Question : when i was 13 years old i went to india. i saw a guy, he looked at me and i looked at him. it wa love at first sight. he came up to me and give me his email id. i went to his house. i thought are parents knew each other. i came back to canada, we start to mail each other and we atarted to phone each other. he came to canada and i wnet to india. we met each other so many times. i am 22 and he 27. i told my older sister about him, she told me i went mad. he is my mom brother's wife's dad' brother's son. do you think it will be ok with are parents if we marry each other. we know each other for 10 years. we can't live with other. how should i tell my parents? and is it ok if i marry him?
Posted by : tanya
Posted on : 2005-10-16
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