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Subject : We are having an affair!
Question : I'm 30 yrs old. married, with 1 kid. My husband is a seaman & he's always gone & I'm left alone taking care of evrything at home & our baby. Things started, when I met this man at the store several times. At first we just nod & smile & go! Well, the next time we met, we already exchanged numbers & gave each others text address. So, we call or text each other evryday, everynight & everytime we felt we like to. Then, he started coming over at home (of course, secretly) trying not to be seen by my neighbors. We watched movies, eat dinner, play w/ my baby together. Then, as days passed by, our feelings for each other (being bestfriends) became deeper. We almost act & live as husband & wife now for about 3 months. He's also married w/ 3 beautiful kids, but they are not here. they we're left behind at his wife's own country. I do love my husband very much, but only to the fact that we're not seeing each other for about 8 months, is so heart breaking & I always felt lonely coz I missed him so much. I'm a woman & I have special needs too. That's why, my bestfriend is temporary the one fulfilling my husbands responsibilty. I know from the very start that this is a big mistake & it's a sin..However, I'm only human. I'm born to make mistake. My husband will arrive soon & we felt sad & lonely that we will not be seeing,calling & texting each other for a while. If anybody has an open mind to give me some good advice. please do so. I will appreciate it very much. For those who wants to share their opinions also. You are welcome...I thank you all in advance.
Posted by : Shanaya
Posted on : 2005-10-05
Reply : To: Venus Thank you for your message. My husband already disembarked from the ship & he's on vacation right now. My "boyfriend" & I have no contact at all. Though sometimes we accidentally meet outside but we pretend that we dont see or know each other. So sad it has to be this way, but it is for the good cause. Anyway, Im very happy now. We will celebrate our 1st christmas together as one happy family! Good luck to you,too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx To: mr_guy Thank you for your mail & kind advice. I realized now how stupid, careless,sinful & guilty I am! I am trying my best to forget about him & concentrate myself only to be a caring,loving,responsible,faithful wife & mother. Thank you again & best of luck to you & to your wife. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx To: Raju Thank you for your message 6 opinion. Well, I tried to tell my husband what you had said, and now we're talking things over for our future. I'm that there's a person like you to make me realize about my big mistake. Thanks again & good luck! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx To all of you who sent me advice & opinion, my heartfelt thanks. My family & I are wishing you all & your loveones a very "MERRY & WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS & a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!" Fr: Shanaya
From : Shanaya
On : 2005-12-22
Reply : I am in same boat like u. My husband is in saudi,comes here once a year for 30 to 45 days maximum. thats the only time i had family life.Now i have a boy frined,i meet him atleast twice a month and i am getting from him what i am not getting from my husband. He's married too.but this is just a temporary arrangements. I love my husband very much. but i am not feeling sorry. In my opinion,continue what u r getting from him and don not contact him when ur hubby home.Wish u good luck
From : venus
On : 2005-12-19
Reply : I feel you need to control. This is part of life.Try as much as you can not to do what you are doing.I know it is easier said than done. I myself control a lot with my wife gone to her native place
From : mr_guy
On : 2005-11-29
Reply : I think you are missing your husband a lot and also along with that missing the important pleasure. Try to forget the past and try to control yourself. Think more of your husband and your family. I am a guy. Before marriage, I used to chat and felt very intimate with a girl. After marriage i slowly controlled myself. My wife is gone to her native place and I am all alone controlling myself. This is part of life
From : mr_guy
On : 2005-11-23
Reply : Dear Shanaya, You should never be away from your husband. Most of the husbands are crazy of earning some more money always. The result is their wives get fuckings or intercourse from outside marriage. Tell your husband to be content with what you have locally or you join (stay with your husband) at his place of work. Illicit relations, one day will lead to murders or crime.
From : Raju
On : 2005-11-11
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