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Subject : Live-in relationship
Question : What is your opinion about Live-in relationship?
Posted by : revathi
Posted on : 2001-01-06
Reply : This depends on each individual.If the end result would be marriage then there is nothing wrong (Of course dont resort to procreation during such relationships.).Just for the sake of living makes no sense.If this is cemented with fear then one should avoid it.
From : Live In Relationship
On : 2005-02-18
Reply : If two people mutually come together and understand the neeed for a live-in relationship i think its would only be a stronger relationship and each know they are not only bonded because of the society. most of the Indian marriages are worse than live-in relationship simply because its always the woman who suffers and suffers all through her life. I am sure 60% of Indian woman would have had want to live a life diffrently had they been given a chance to do, but the societal pressure just would not allow them this freedom. A live-in relationship without kids would work much better than any marriage where consent is not taken from both the partners. Thats the reason most arranged engagements in India nowadays break up as partners feel they would be shortchanged in such a relationship.
From : Dennis
On : 2004-06-09
Reply : I cant agree more with Tiara. I really think with every passing day, one really needs to consider the fact of human limitation of undergoing stress. And if a mature person can look at pro's of live-in...then one can see that a live-in is better bet today..than a marriage. As far as respect to woman is concerned, there cannot be any worst condition, that you get married to a woman...and cheat her physically and emotionally...which is what is happening with 60% of male population in India. Women need to look at this option seriously.
From : Ashish
On : 2002-07-18
Reply : I think it is a decision made by two matured well balanced adults and ofcourse there are always pros and con of everthing and we should have that benefit of doubt . Couples ( and I'm referring to serious matured adults here ) want to see how they can deal with the everyday stress and still feel the need ( I'm emphasising "need " here cause it is not just an adjusment which is what most of the couples today have in their life and relationships ) to come back to the same person day -in and day-out of life , to see if they are commited enough . When there are boudaries and restrictions they don't have a choice but with this freedom they make that choice and I think that is much stronger and permanent than anything else . Perhaps they think that by living together without the binding fact of marriage they have the liberty to walk out of a healthy relationship than a horrible and ugly wed lock which might have farther worse consequences . It takes all kinds to make the world and one must always have certain values and strong principles in life but circumstances play a crucial role in the developement and thinking of a person . As they say "one mans thrash is another mans treasure ", it is sometimes very difficult to pass judgement on such delicate matters of life and living .
From : Tiara , CT
On : 2001-11-20
Reply : I think it is absolutely ridiculous. Can there be any relationship without commitments? In Live-in there are no commitments, no responsibilities. It’s just staying together, enjoying each other’s company physically but not ready to bind each other emotionally. I think for a woman it is the biggest insult.
From : Ketan Bombay
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : It is preposterous. I think it is absolutely crazy concept. I mean how can a woman allow herself to be taken by a man and if he gets bored with her he just plainly leaves saying “sorry, but things couldn’t work out well between us”. I wonder how anyone falls for this.
From : Boney
On : 2001-01-06
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