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Subject : Dark Skin
Question : Hi friends, I have a pal, she's very very dark in complexion and she is always made fun of by people...She always feel very inferior when people start talking about any beauty stuff...She has tried almost all the tips people tell her to do but no results...I always feel very sorry for her...Recently I heard that beating up a raw beetroot and drinking its juice will make dark skin fair...Is this true? Please help my pal coz she's most of the time neglected by people and her marriage is also being postponed, She's 25! Thank you!
Posted by : Janani
Posted on : 2005-10-01
Reply : Tell your friend that dark skin is beautiful. The secret of beauty is all attitude and self confidence. If you think your beautiful then other people will think your beautiful too. She should embrace and celebrate her dark healthy skin and not try and change it.
From : Depali
On : 2006-02-15
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