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Subject : Bahu se Beti
Question : Kya Bahu Kabhi Beti Ban Sakti Hai?
Posted by : Reena Kapil Banglore
Posted on : 2001-01-06
Reply : I agree to everyones opinion. A daughter-in-law can be a daughter, she can bear all kinds of words from in-laws as long as they don't talk bad about her parents. I guess its not easy to handle when the in-laws talk nonsense about her parents. Its the same with a guy, nobody cannot handle bad words against their parents from in-laws or partner. Lalita
From : Lalita
On : 2004-12-22
Reply : Behaviour is very imp. fuel in Saas & Bahu relation. If your thinking, styles are different than your MIL then only thing left is compromising to keep going with the relation.
From : reema
On : 2004-09-14
Reply : I don't think a Bahu could ever be a Beti. Deep down, in-laws will always look at you as if you are a Bahu.. not a Beti. If a husband can't be a Beta to your parents, how could a daughter be a Beti to his parents. A women has a much open relationship that is built from birth with their mother. You can joke, play, fight and neither mother or daughter will take offense, however being a Bahu and doing that with your mother in law is not the same. I guess it all depends on what type of "rishta" you have with your new family.
From : Jeet
On : 2004-08-12
Reply : How the hell is a son supposed to handle conflicts between his wife and mother? It affects him alot as well since he's in the middle of these two. Its a hard choice..very difficult to handle at times. Its like being minced between the mother and wife! Going home after a hectic day at work makes me panic and wonder what am I to encounter at home today? All this matters eventually affects the ability of to concentrate at work and home matters hence de-stablising the mind. Someone give a good advice please on what a son can do to overcome this problem. I work like a dog to put food on my family table and what I get in return after going home everyday is complaints and conflicts between my mother and wife. Where is peace?
From : Sam
On : 2004-07-05
Reply : i think that every daughter-in-law should be looked at as a daughter because they too were a daughter once!
From : karena
On : 2003-08-07
Reply : For a daughter to be replaced by a DIL, difficult but definitely not immpossible. In this day and age anything seems plausible, and this issue also depends on the kind of relationship the mothr daughter shares. Sometimes it so happens that due to the distance, between mother's and their daughter's ,they might find their daughter's in a different person, like for instance her daughter in law.So ultimately it boils down to their nature, their compatibility, their love for son and husband respectively,their social conditions and status and a teeny weeny bit of LUCK!!
From : suchithra prabhu
On : 2003-07-22
Reply : I am a living example of DIL(daughter in law) who is more a Daughter for her MIL(mother in law). Before marriage, I had made up my mind to get along with my MIL,however hard it was .But after getting married, I realised I don't have to try at all.We more than got along.We cruise along. My MIL is so protective of me that even when there is an argument between my husband and me, she takes my side without hesitating even one bit. I feel very blessed to be in this family.Hence I feel, that it all depends on both DIL and MIL 's nature as a person how htey want the relationship to be.
From : Ramaa
On : 2003-06-02
Reply : This is a very controversial aspect. I think the relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is very delicate and has to be handled in the most gentle and patient manner. The build the bond between the two both should make genuine efforts and both have to at some point sacrifice a few things to keep things smooth between themselves. The most important thing according to me is understanding between the two and respect for one another.
From : Kalpana Agarwa Bhopal
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : No. Daughter-in-law can never replace a daughter position. No matter how close Saas and Bahu are but a mother’s heart will always beat for her daughter and she always will love her daughter more than her daughter-in-law.
From : Mohini Nagpal Ahmedabad
On : 2001-01-06
Reply : Yes, why not. When I was married I was very scared as to how my mother-in-law will be but believe me the relationship between a Saas and Bahu is very sweet and exquisite. My mother-in-law loves me more than her daughter and the bond between us is very strong
From : rekha ali
On : 2001-01-06
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