Pregnency & parenting
Subject : I want became mohter
Question : im 25 yrs. i have been abortion before this in 2000. becouse my x byriend left me. after three yr time im married (its porpose marriage)with MARAN. now 2005 we still try to get baby but cannot. is it the probluem because of i abortion before this? im really confuce with this matter. any body can help y?
Posted by : Malathy
Posted on : 2005-08-17
Reply : hi there, it is possible to not concieve once you've aborted. you should really go check with your doctor.
From : qteepie
On : 2005-12-07
Reply : You can only be sure if you go to the doctor and have yourself looked at. You will only worry yourself to death if you dont.So visit the doctor
From : Mai Simba
On : 2005-11-06
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