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Subject : why i can't tell him
Question : we are very much in love but he always angry with me because i can't express my feelings with him .he is very romantic person and he want same thing from me but i can't understand how i express my feelings with him plzzz tell me wht to do
Posted by : era
Posted on : 2005-08-07
Reply : Dear Era,Hi ! If u really love him, then might as well tell him, coz if u let it stay in ur heart then it'll lead to circumstances that both of u would not like. Call him for a dinner and then give him his favourite thing as a gift and then propose him. Trust me it'll work out.
From : Mahesh
On : 2006-01-12
Reply : He has to understand that there are different type of people in this world. Some are expressive, others are not. If he loves you, he should love you for who you are not what he wants or needs you to be. Sometimes romance takes time, you cant make someone be romantic. You should inform him that individuals love differently and if he cant accept your love the way you give it he is not worthy of it. good luck.
From : Aisha
On : 2005-09-23
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