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Subject : can people change?
Question : Hi, I was wondering if anyone thought a person could be way different after say 15 years? You see, I am a member of an online dating site, and I recently came across the profile of a guy I went to school with, and a class trip to Europe. I read his profile and realized we have a LOT in common, personality, goals, likes/dislikes what have you. I was on my way to being infatuated with this guy when I realized who he was. (no pix are posted on site) Unfortunately, in school he had been a know-it-all who wanted to make sure we (those of us on holiday together) knew he was intellectually superior. Plus, he said some hurtful things about me when it was apparent I was within earshot. Then about six years ago we both happened to be working a festival together, and he didn't remember me (3 weeks in France and a year in class together, and he doesn't remember me? whatever) But he was completely cordial and not how I remembered him. Of course, that was one afternoon with someone who basically was a stranger to him. So, now that I know we have more in common than I had thought I would like to email him. However, if indeed he is still insufferable, I'd prefer to not get even involved that much. So, does anybody have a thought? Is it possible that he was just a teen making his way in the world or what? Thanks, sorry so long
Posted by : lala
Posted on : 2005-07-07
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