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Subject : mind,sensative and angry
Question : i have married with my husband around 2 year something we also have a son my husband is a sensative person i feel like that his nature is very hard to understand he become mind and sensitive very fast and angry most impoertan on me very fast which i am afraid of him.if his family memeber say anything on me and i told him that he become angry on me and shout.he love his son and he told me that he love me also which i do not know its true or not.what ever i have to do tell him if not angry.if anything fall on the ground he will be angry on himslef and blem on him self and say why its happen on me only.i hate my self
Posted by : salia
Posted on : 2005-06-28
Reply : i have been married 4 3 years and my husband was very bad temperd but after talking to him and making him understand that me and his kids r his only life and that when he need someone that i will always be there to help.but it dose take time,let him see that u r there to help him. and when he get angrey tell him to count to 10 and take deep breath. it's not your foult u have just been married for 2 years give it time, things well change. the best way is to sit down and talk.
From : saint
On : 2005-08-31
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