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Subject : I still love him....
Question : I met him 10 yrs ago....and initially he loved me so much (may be he still does)...He had let me know that he loves me..I could not decide anything then..But now, when i started thinking of a life partner and proposed him, he says he is bound by his family ties and that wont get married now.... There's not a day that passes without his thought for all these years, though i havent seen him for 6 yrs now... Tell me the best way to forget him.... without getting involved with anybody else !!!
Posted by : Desperate
Posted on : 2005-05-22
Reply : plz dont forget him, u know i also love a person 4 last 10 years , i lov ehim do much and im married to some one else because of my parents but i still love him , so may be like me ur lover also forsed by his parents. os plz dont think bad 4 him
From : sana
On : 2006-03-06
Reply : hay sorry to say but the best way to forget someone, is to not think, speak, or contact them. i know its hard ive been there and trust me its a slow process but eventually you will have to forget him. if he loved you he would have married you no matter. focus your view on something elde eg your family/friends.
From : jay
On : 2005-09-12
Reply : well u haven't seen him 4 6 years and he might have changed so go and find out.
From : saint
On : 2005-08-30
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