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Subject : In a relationship with a married man!
Question : Hey evry1, ive landed myself in a real mess! Ive been in a relationship wid a married man 4 2 & a half years. At first we wer jus friends, i woz 16 & him bein 24. Wen i reached 17 we started seein each other, it jus happened & i didnt think things thru properly, things got more serious & i began 2 fall 4 him big time! I broke my virginity wid him at 18 years ov age. Im 19 now & hav had a huge reality check!!! I CNT BE WID HIM! He wants 2 marry me & i know he loves me 2 bits but things are way 2 complicated, da religion, da age difference, hes married wid a kid! I love my family 2 bits & i know my family will never accept. Every gyal has dreamz ov wat kind ov guy she wants 2 marry & he isnt realy my ideal althou i do love him. Anyway its been a few months since we split up afta i told him i cnt be wid him full stop! Since then he rings me every day, cryin on da fone, wantin me back, he even kicked hes wife out in order 4 uz 2 get bk 2getha! I told him many times i cnt be wid him as it jus not gunna work but he insistin dat we atleast try! I dnt know wat 2 do....ive messed up i know....i didnt want dis.....ive told him 2 spend hes life wid hes wife but he sed he gunna leave her wid or widout me as he doesnt love her but loves me. I realy feel 4 hes wife & i do feel i am 2 blame, i do stil love him but love my family more, but hes not lettin me go so easily.....wat shud i do???
Posted by : Kiran
Posted on : 2005-05-21
Reply : hi kiran, what you did was silly but you were young. have you ever considered that this guy might be using you? its good you left him but dont make the mistake of getting back with him. put yourself in his wife's position? what would you have done? whats done is done, for your own sake and your familys, stay away from him & change your phone number. this guy has a kid and his wife's going through hell, i think you know its best to stay away, focus your attention on the posotive side and look towards life with your family. try and find someone more sutible for you. good luck
From : jay
On : 2005-09-12
Reply : leve the country, and start a new life love. let them live there life
From : saint
On : 2005-08-30
Reply : ouch!! yeh ur rite, u'v landed urself in a BIG mess.. others mite not c it this way, but u were young when it all started off AND its gud 2 know u realised it needs 2 stop.. tell him ur starting 2 c som1, or better yet tell him ur being set up with som1.. it mite b true abt his wife, but personally, i think he might just b saying hes kicked her out just 2 make u think she wont b in the way.. stick 2 ur NO answer, he'l give up.. or consider changing ur number?
From : D
On : 2005-07-11
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