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Question : help!! i have been dying my hair for ages and i had to get it cut off to about chin length!! has anyone got any ideas for helping promote growth and stopping ti been so dry all the time...i dont want to ahve any more cut off!! HELP!
Posted by : silly girl
Posted on : 2005-03-31
Reply : hey gal, believe me i know exactly wot ur going thru, my hairs really dry and i'v also got it cut short, well i've stated to try out home remedies like using Cocunut oil, its gta b pure tho, u cud get it from most indian shops. also use green corriander leaves juice on the head, this is known to help regrouth. if you'v got dry ends then massage thoes ends with Almond and Coconut oil. . . hope it works 4 u!!!
From : SaFfY
On : 2005-09-05
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