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Subject : gays
Question : i am married for 15 years.we have a very nice relation.but i am shocked to find that my husband is attracted to boys also.i love my husband very much but unable to ask about i am thinking if i really got married to a homo or not.i have two kids also.he is very very good to me.i came to know after coming to gulf.w ereally have a good relation.of late he is not interested to have sex also.
Posted by : honey
Posted on : 2005-03-23
Reply : become a good friends and find someone that wants you and the way u are
From : saint
On : 2005-08-30
Reply : look honey i can understand that how does itfeel that is your life partner is having different sexual response but you have to accet it since it is normal . some men are attracted to girls with long hair some with blue eyes some with red lipsso whats the matter if your husband is attracted with some \boy. next thing he is still taking care of you having goof relationship with you and then also you are worried , imagine if he leave you for some other guy then what will you do? at this point of time you have to support him so that he does not feel lonely .and dont think about any thing else even boys. second thing is to mentally prepare him to have a nice view for girls let him know that other girls find him atractive. he will com out fo this situation. last thing is to make your self one thing clear that this homosexuality is not a disorder its a partialy genetics and partialy menatal. ok please give me reply i will send you advise.
From : kabeer
On : 2005-07-26
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