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Subject : virginity, please help me!
Question : Hai there i Leela Devi from Malaysia. I 28 years old and getting married on 04th June this year. My problem, i lost my virginity with my first fiance four years ago. But i can't married him bcoz,he pass in an car accident.So after that i never been have sex with anybody or going out with anybody.(don't have boyfriend after my fiance pass)Now my mum force me to getting married so i afraid my husband will now not i not virgin in my first night or should i tell him about this matter so later no problem between us. Can him know that i not virgin?????? please help me, i really need advise and help. Thank You.
Posted by : leela devi
Posted on : 2005-03-23
Reply : it always depend on man to man. the best option is to tell him! ... and hope he treats you well.
From : omer
On : 2005-07-19
Reply : hello leela..i knw u must be merried by now but i think dat waz just destiny dat u lost ur faince but i thats good that you got merried now..i m also getting merried on 1st of july. what i will suggest you to not to tell ur husband about ur previous relation but u should tell him that u were engaged before.dont tell him that you lost ur virginality.if u dont tell him this..he would never know..what i will say that forget ur past and start ur life frm a new end..wish you a very very good luck..bye.c ya
From : simmi
On : 2005-06-07
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