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Subject : help me please!
Question : Hai i Lela from Malaysia.I want getting married on 04th June this year. My problem, i got make love(having sex)with my boyfriend last 4 years ago.After that i can't married him bcoz he pass away on an accident so i lost my virginity with him but after he pass i never have sex with any one.My question is, is my husband now that i not virgin and should i tell my husband regarding this matter. In first night can he know that it is not first time for me! Please advise i really need so it help in my married life....please!!!
Posted by : lela
Posted on : 2005-03-18
Reply : I think you should not tell him. Just tell him that you were very active in school sports. In climbing trees, climbing on horses and therefore you lost your virginity. Or you can also tell him yesterday you just had your period. These can make him believe.
From : jennifer
On : 2006-01-17
Reply : tell him the truth wamen. is dis clear
From : brat
On : 2005-09-22
Reply : yes i think u should tell him in advarance because after marring him he might make a big deal on your wedding night. don't hold back
From : saint
On : 2005-08-30
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