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Subject : did my hubby know?????
Question : Hai there, i want get married on June with the guy that i love. I very happy bcoz my future hubby really love me and take care of me. The problem, this is my second love and four years before i fall in love with one guy and had sex with him for few times and he pass away.Is that my hubby know that i not virgin when i have sex with him after married? I never do sex after my first boyfriend pass away(it been four years)I afaird i will lost my husband love and my married have problem.How guy know that the girl virgin or not? If don't have the blood how ah!!!!should i tell him before married? Please help me!!!!!!!!
Posted by : leela
Posted on : 2005-03-09
Reply : Leela, if you think that your husband to be will not understand then dont tell him!If i understand correctly your first love has died?! If this is the case then let your secret go with him.Why upset yourself after all this time,you have nothing to gain from telling him.As for the physical side of things, not all women bleed the first time they have sex.If its an excuse your after say you use tampons (would this not work for you?)i know that it isnt so common in India as the West. You need to stop torturing yourself over the fact that your not a virgin.Everybody has 20/20 vision in hindsight!You weren't to know that this man would come into your life.Enjoy your life with this man guilt free-you never know he may have skeletons in his closet-and its not likely that he will be worried over those!Good luck anyway!
From : Sunshine
On : 2005-06-22
Reply : Hi Leela, Its not a matter of Warry. So don't be confused. Go and enjoy your coming Future.
From : Ravi
On : 2005-06-02
Reply : Leela, Some women do not bleed during or after their intercourse for the first time. As in my case I masturbated a lot with a sex toy. The penile size also makes a difference. If your partner is larger than your last lover and it has been four years your muscles should be pretty tight after that much inactivity,and maybe exercise( meaning you could still bleed). Do not worry about it.
From : Margo
On : 2005-05-28
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