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Subject : Acne and Pimples
Question : Hey all.I'm 16 years old and i'm suffering from a large amount of acne and pimples mostly located on my forehead.After the pimples bursts,they form dark ugly spots.Is there anything that I can use to cover up these spots when applying makeup, except foundation.Homemade remides etc.Need help soon.
Posted by : Kiss
Posted on : 2005-03-07
Reply : Hi I got acne at the age of 25 which relly stressed me out. I went to the doctors and he put me on some antibiotics called MINOCYCLINE MR. They took about 6 weeks to work, but have cleared up all myacne. Friends and family are always telling me now that my skin looks lovely. I'd recommend them. Dont know wehere ur from but im from England n know that u can get them from here. Good luck and read about them on the NET u'l know how good they are.
From : Takisha
On : 2006-01-18
Reply : hey kiss, you should start drinking 1 gallon of water everyday. and take erthrocine(ask your doctor first) and benzoyl peroxide. or if you can afford expensive treatment then go for PROACTIVE.
From : aman gill
On : 2005-09-10
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