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Subject : Fallen in love
Question : I've met aguy through my brother.I believed everything everything he told me about the guy.I have spoken to that guy once on the phone.He hopes to come visit me soon.What if he does come and is not satisfied with my looks, ways etc?Need help soon.A few tips tp get prepared so that he will be very satisfied with me.
Posted by : Shana
Posted on : 2005-03-06
Reply : Hi Dont worry! U need to look and dress the way you feel comfortable! because that is you and that is your personality! If he is not satisfied with your looks then that is his loss...because looks arnt everything! If hes decent he wont just go for your looks he will enjoy the person that you are if he goes for looks then you can do better than him and ther will be someone out there who will love you for your looks and your personality. If its meant to will be. Its all in your Kismet!
From : Mandy
On : 2005-06-17
Reply : The partner ship in life is not impressing one another but accepting each other as we are. You should be as you are and he should eb as he is cos thats way you going to be with your partner throughout the life. Be yourself and when you like each other as you are, then life will bea t its best. Regards Rahul
From : Rahul
On : 2005-06-16
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