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Subject : does he really love me?
Question : iv been seeing this guy for 3years now and all of a sudden he starts talking negative about marriage. i dont no what to think now. my parents know about him and vice versa. but he dosnt stick up for me when his parents doubt me. they think im too westernised. i love him so much. but his parents are not going to accept me. i cant leave him.dont no wot to do. he always starts arguing with me and calling me names, but i cant let go. dont no whats happened to him lately. he used to be so caring and loving.
Posted by : taz
Posted on : 2005-01-27
Reply : i'd say just ignore him 4 a while.. let him b the 1 tht makes contact with u.. c how long it takes him, as well as how he talks 2 u then.. u will get ur answer then
From : D
On : 2005-07-11
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