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Subject : sexual pleasure
Question : hi! i have been married since year and a half i dont feel any pleasure when i have sex itz so frustating when my husband comes close to me i just dont feel like to have sex....
Posted by : wasfee
Posted on : 2005-01-18
Reply : If u r not aroused before having sex then it is very difficult to get orgasm. So if u really want to achieve orgasm and enjoy sex u have to take charge and not be shy, set the mood for it light some candles, play some soft music. Start with massaging use some scented oil, encourge him to touch u and really enjoy the touch the pressure in his hands as he massages u. Start kissing and smooching this will add to ur pleasure, when u have sex take it very slow, u on top is the best way to really arouse your self and stimulate a big orgasm. Dont let him hurry u at any cost. The first time u do it ur husband may be so aroused he may come sooner than u. Dont feel disappointed, try it again in a few days. Make it exciting, choose new places, the shower, on the table etc. Trust me u will u want more once u enjoy it.
From : Ria
On : 2005-04-15
Reply : Wasfee, I dont know what exactly your problem is but i can make out that your hibby is not eligible for sex, However if you are not getting the real satisfaction then there are males who can satisfy you... so if you are not geeting what you want from your hubby then test what i said just now... Best of luck
From : DJ nick
On : 2005-02-14
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