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Subject : problem with inlaws
Question : i am married.mines is love marriage.and i am working in pvt company.i am in middle sis in law lives infront of our house.she is problem is my sis in law and mother in law.i have 11 months old son.they torchering me in the obsence of my husband. in presnce of him they talk softly.other wise they hurts with their rude and harsh words.if i tell my husband he is not husband he will come after 10pm.both r sits lazy and they r always watching tv.when my husban comes they start working.they r insulting me very much even my husband also.he is thinking that they r very good and i am not adjusting.even though he is telling me that they are not beeting u andkilling.some worda r saying u have to bear it u have noother choice.i did not have my parents support. i have very goodname in my office.and i am have very good carier record.i am thinking that i wiil get good job in another city.i will go with my child.if he needs me he will come for me? wether i ma right wrong becoz even my son is also neglecting by them.becoz she has 2 children.they r beating him andonce my son had injured very advice me
Posted by : lakshmi
Posted on : 2005-01-03
Reply : thanks roma.
From : lakshmi
On : 2005-07-09
Reply : hi lakshmi i feel very bad to hear this from u, i dont understand why ur husband dont understand u ok now its time to do something try to record whatever ur in laws say or do and show that to ur husband but before doing this talk to ur husband that if i prove that ur mom & sis r not good will u live the house with me..... and ples mail me back with the updates or let me know if u need any help roma
From : roma
On : 2005-05-11
Reply : Listen they your in laws aren't really worth hassling over , i have been in the same situation what i learnt is with them what you have to do is when your sister speaks to you like that , give her an answer back then she'll know she can't abuse you like that .
From : dee
On : 2005-02-23
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