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Subject : i am confused and nervous
Question : i love him and he also says that he loves me.We met each other while internet chatting.We share our thoughts,laughs and make such a good time.But now when i IM him then he is not responding propely.I am so confused whether he loves me or not.I can't make dicission whether he is right or not for me.I can't forget him.Can you please give me good suggestion about my relationship whether he loves me or not or should i talk him again or not.Also if i want him again then what should i do.pLz tell me i am so confused.
Posted by : kesar052005
Posted on : 2004-12-21
Reply : Hi Kesar .. I Am pallavi I too Meet my husband on Internet on yahoo chat and also we had Love marriage :) well in your case may be some Questtions must be there pending in his heart or Your.. Ask to him directly why he is behaving like that . Love is not at all Blind and if you want him he and U should get clear idea what is his expectations . I can Understand That U wont be able to live without him or forget him . But u should be very practicle in This case . U Better clerfy with him. Always Listen to your heart dont be confused .. when U have Loved him be confidenct on Your love and have faith in it :) LOVE IS BLESSING GIVEN TO US BY GOD >> FULFILE WITH A TRUE LIFE PARTNER :) I hope u will come out of confusion now cheer up Palls
From : pallavi
On : 2005-04-25
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