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Subject : 1 2 lost love
Question : hey. i have been with a guy for four months. and the begining he also called me and say nice stuff. after when he break up with me on the phone says he just 1 2 have sex. he doesn't have feeling for me or anything like that. after break-up i found out i love him and still do. time to time i feel so low for this. we broke up has beem six months. i start a new relatioship with another guy still have feeling for the asshole. i 1 2 losl him in my mind 4 every. just don't know how?
Posted by : tina
Posted on : 2004-12-21
Reply : if ur with a new guy now, then u shud b able 2 4get ur ex.. just remember, ur meant 2 b in love with som1 else now.. if u cant do that, and he still loves u loads, it will mess ur head up and u might end up breaking it off with him.. and trust me, i know how hurt he'l b if that happens
From : D
On : 2005-07-11
Reply : these things do happen when guys are young and not responsible enough. all that u need to do id sink into it and slowly forget it. rather think the other way around that the guy does not deserve you. who knows may be something better is on your way. just cheer up and go ahead as you have better things to do and much more to achieve in ife. once you are successfull then everthing comes your way.. good luck now ..
From : chandra reddy
On : 2005-02-27
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