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Subject : love or foolishness
Question : hey people i have a problem, i met this guy 6 months ago and we have grown very close .i think i am in love with him.i think im in love.he is wonderings and caring and i think of him all the timeim not the same caste as him.i get confused he tells me im his best friend yet gets jealous if i talk about other can i tell him i love him.he doesnt beleive in love and is getting married to a girl that his family wants.i hurt and my heart cries i dont know what to can i forget him.
Posted by : preeti
Posted on : 2004-11-11
Reply : this mite sound stupid, but the best thing is probably 2 find another guy who can keep ur mind off him.. i'm not saying find urself a b/f, just a guy who cud b a gud mate.. but, keep him at bit of a distant otherwise u mite end up in a similar situation
From : D
On : 2005-07-11
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