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Subject : sexual pleasure
Question : Hi, its 1 month since I am married. When my hubby inserts his penis, I don't feel any pleasurable feelings. Is it normal?
Posted by : Hema
Posted on : 2004-11-09
Reply : hey !! you need not worry ...may be he has a small dick. u just donot mastubate...otherwise you'll drain out all the pleasure from you... just try to build up that craving of sex with him and do along foreplay before the intercourse... rite !! besties... baby !!
From : vinny
On : 2006-02-25
Reply : Hello Hema! believe it or not, your problem is far from uncommon. Many women are unable to achieve orgasm during intercourse. I am concerned however, if this problem is only recent. Do you masturbate occasionally? It's in the opinion of many that if you are unable to please yourself, you cannot expect your partner to be able to please you. Self pleasure will help you discover what you enjoy and what you don't. I understand that the subject of masturbation is taboo to many people but the truth is that it is very natural and normal.
From : A.H.
On : 2005-05-15
Reply : Hey, Heema. That is a major problem, anyway i have been married for half a year now and from experience of a sexual lifestyle, I think maybe your husband's penis doesn't stay erect for a long time or maybe he doesn't do the things you want him to do. or maybe you are not attracted to him if you ur not attracted to him then just get out of the marriage becuz it will never work !!
From : Naila
On : 2005-05-04
Reply : Hai The concept of plesure is very subjective. Before any session of love making, both the partner has to be free from pactical world, and get themselves fully involved, then there has to be a pre - session of oral activities etcc... then the final act. OOOOOOOh god, its really wounderful to take a birth of human being, and have a wounderful and joyful experience of sex. Its not vulgar or bad, but love making is a art, only can be handled by person who has a terrific knowledge about the subject. all the best raghu
From : raghu
On : 2005-01-11
Reply : hii Hema...It is not a normal case though..Before having sex, its better that you have a foreplay with your husband till you get wet. And everyday should not be a routine and boring one, Be imaginative in your love. Love is also an art. I don't know how your husband is approaching while having sex. You should be more elaborate in it. TC BYe.
From : saleemprince
On : 2004-12-03
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