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Subject : Delivery charges
Question : What are the charges normally doctor charge for normal delivery we have being charged Rs.14000 for 24 hours of treatment in Pune
Posted by : Aswini
Posted on : 2004-11-08
Reply : you are asking such a general question, as if you have been cheated by a doctor who helped your child to safely see this world. to answer your question I will ask you another question. What are the charges normally for a cup of tea we have being charged Rs.150 for a cup in hotel Taj. find your own answer.
From : sanjay
On : 2006-03-08
Reply : May be the Doctor's daughter is pregnant so she used you as the last patient to spend on her Daughter's Delivery. Better consult other doctor for your next delivery SAK
From : SAK
On : 2005-08-23
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