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Subject : he has a girlfriend
Question : I like this guy but he has a girlfriend. She went back to her country and it seems like she won't come back. this guy invited me over to watch a movie but we didn't kiss or talk about us at all. I know he likes me but I think he feels guilty at the same time. what should I do?
Posted by : elisa
Posted on : 2004-10-28
Reply : I like this guy who is just 38 years old married and divorced with one kid of 10 years and I am 30 years old single, he contacted me through a friend inorder to start a relationship and to get to know me. Its been a month since we have been talking over the phone on a daily basis. He even checked our horoscopes and said it was a perfect match of 80%. I have just seen him not more than four times. Lately he told me that he cant give me a commitment that he needs time for himself and that he has other interest. One day I got to know that he had gone on a trip with another girl and when I asked he said yes thats the girl he likes and want to marry and he was angry at me for questioning him about it.
From : Soniya
On : 2005-04-21
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