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Subject : To be or not to be?
Question : hey guyz, this is rup. i was jus cruzin thru this site when i happened to cum over this. my problem - rather situation - is that ive been talkin to this guy on msn for like a month and we've been talkin like 3 hrs everyday. the thing is that neither of us understand y this is so. we get along very well an' never run outta things to talk about. can anyone tell me wuz goin on?
Posted by : rup
Posted on : 2004-10-28
Reply : you need to get a mobile phone. and move away from your computer. this guy can be chattin rubbish for all you know. what if he's like really dodgey or god knows. be on the safe side hun.
From : JAY
On : 2005-08-30
Reply : well... apparently this connection is an attraction. You wouldn't be going on msn and talking to him unless this was so. Wait... have you ever even talked with him on the phone? Make sure this is RIGHT! Talk to him and get to know more about him.
From : Veronica
On : 2004-11-12
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