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Subject : arrange marriage
Question : In joint family,the husband does not give much time to the wife she deserves and does not share his daily life with her????
Posted by : uzma
Posted on : 2004-10-28
Reply : i my name is Ann-louise and i live in sweden,and i goes my second year at high so that i have i work about arrange marries and i hope that sombody can answer me.. here are the questions, how are the cermony?are there any rituals? like homegift? hope sombody can help me... whit all love in the world Annlouise bf3 sweden
From : Annlouise
On : 2005-01-28
Reply : Definitly arrange marriages are diff from luv marriages.But the base for both is understanding & care.Getting married doesnt mean cutting from rest of the world.It needs lots of preservance & need to learn the art of giving before asking in advance.
From : aman
On : 2004-12-07
Reply : hi uzma....In a joint family what happens is the time has to be proportionately shared between the wife and the parents and thr brothers failing which each one of you will feel insecure. Keep telling your husband that he has lived 25 years with their parents, and now its time for him to ive for his wife and children. But that doesn't mean that he has to ignore his parents. More importantly the more you take care of his parents the more he will love you. Be imaginative in your love. And go out for a dinner or for an ice cream on weakends. Buy some gifts for your husband. Things will come to normal Inshallah. thank you. saleemprince
From : saleem
On : 2004-12-03
Reply : Usually with arranged marriages its complicated because your almost forced to marry someone you dont know. For women it can be good, but for a man is different. I have seen arranged marriages between friends and family and some of them are okay, but still its a totally different bonding then marrying someone u love. arranged marriage doesnt mean u love that person, u just have to be with them. I know if you dont love someone your mostley to cheat on them and lie to them and ignore them and hurt them. if you love someone you want to be with them and share your life with them and happiness. its very uncomfortable marrying someone you dont know and living with his family. You dont have to same relationship as you would with someone you already know and love.
From : samantha
On : 2004-11-23
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