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Subject : stressed out
Question : dear friends, i am really in a catch 22 situation. mine was a late marriage and late kids so at 40 my kids are 10 and 9. luckily i have a very good husband who does everything for us. my mother believes in seeing horoscopes and then getting us married. everything is going fine now, but some astrologers who my mom consulted have predicted that my husbands time in 2005 to 2006 is not at all good, and something bad may happen, i am so worked up that i cant sleep not eat. i have done only my arts degree and now i just do not know how i am going to support my children if something happens we are salaried people in govt.job. i am very shy and reserved person , going out to work now i just cant as i am good at nothing.even i do not know what course to do.i know i should not believe in all this but the fear is so great and i have noticed in my husbands hand his life line is also short only half way i am really scared. please help
Posted by : anita
Posted on : 2004-10-27
Reply : i think that you r thinking to far a head and jumping to conclution maybe beliving in god might help. and give all the love u have to your family and tell your mum to leve the horoscopes out of you marriage.
From : saint
On : 2005-08-31
Reply : I think you're taking this entirely too extreme. If you are truly worried about then you should do something about it and channel your stress and energy into learning new things. Maybe take some professional classes while your kids are at school. I'm sure you're good at something and even if you don't think you are, not everyone necessarily has a talent in their job; they do it to get the funds necessary to live. I strongly encourage you to develop job skills not only in the case of something happening to your husband but also as an example to your children to show that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and are determined.
From : Sima
On : 2004-11-04
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