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Subject : regarding structure
Question : hi.i am a software professionalist..and i sit mostly on the system...due to this i am getting tummy which is looking vey horrible if i wear tight dresses....i am not fat...i have normal height 5 feet 1 inch...with 48kgs weight...i am not fat to look...but coz of this tummy i am facing probs to wear tight wht shd i do to reduce my tummy..can u find me a solution..or wht kind of diet shd i take to reduce my tummy....waiting fr ur reply..bye
Posted by : priya
Posted on : 2004-10-25
Reply : Priya, Hi. I find it helpful to sit up with perfect posture and tighten my tummy while sitting down. Try to do this every time you sit at work and even at home. You should also try a workout routine call Pilates. You will notice a difference in posture and also have a flat tummy over time. good luck!
From : Shadara
On : 2004-12-06
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