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Subject : Anti-aging pro
Question : hi i am 47yrs old woman. I wud like to know how does an antiaging cream work on my the wrincle of my face?
Posted by : Shaina
Posted on : 2004-10-25
Reply : "Who looks at an old woman"? Shame on you Samira! She looks at herself in the mirror every day. It is always important for a woman to look and feel beautiful - no matter what her age. But Shaina, remember, beauty is not always dewy skin and a young body - true grace and beauty is acquired through experience and shown in our actions.
From : Sheila
On : 2005-05-23
Reply : Accept your old age,why it is important for you to look beautiful ? Who looks at an old woman ?
From : Samira
On : 2005-04-10
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